Atelier Caroline Serton


When I enter my studio, I have my own ritual. I start with cutting out and mounting my paper, browse a little in my plant-and gardening books and check my bulletin board full of cut-outs and printouts.  I look in my dressers which contains pieces of work, start up my computer and surf for pictures of plants. I visit sites with alms dishes full of flowers, original botanical tattoos, scientific articles about physics or biology and tools for artists. Sometimes I walk around in my garden, but then something needs to happen, something wonderful; a small plan needs to start developing, a reason, that’s when I start.

Inner garden

I try to ground myself wherever I am. By rubbing my hands into the earth, but even more by claiming nature to myself on paper. Nature is not doing well, it is suffering because of the intervention of men. However, nature is strong and is willing to adapt and to evolve.

But for how long, and how distorted will nature be? In my work, I show an alternative for nature; my own garden, my indoor garden. A contemporary nature’s icon.


I create the tension between human intervention (culture) and nature by combining industrially manufactured materials such as liquid rubber, tar, glitter-and neon paint, moulds and stamps with more conventional drawing materials such as acrylic paints and oil paint, pastel, pencil and charcoal.

About the artworks

  • The dimensions of the work are 1.20m by 1.50m and made with mixed technique on paper.
  • The colours displayed on the website may slighty differ from the original.
  • An artwork costs  €2100 frames and €1700 without a frame.
  • If you are interested in exhibiting or buying my work, please contact me.